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Brightness derives from days and nights' deduction.

Dr. Yulin Liu (刘玉林)

Economist, Entrepreneur, and Educator.

Master in Quantum Computation and Ph.D. in Monetary Theory at ETH Zurich.


Senior Economic Advisor at Chainlink (2023 - Present)

Founding President at SciEcon CIC (2021 - Present)

Partner at Bochsler Group  (2020 - Present)

Former Chief Economist at Liquity AG, Origyn Foundation, Economics Research Lead at Dfinity Foundation, Visiting Scholar at Bank of Finland and University of Surrey, Affiliated Economics Professor at HUST etc. 


Ph.D. in Economics at ETH Zurich (2012 - 2016)

Advanced Doctoral Studies at Swiss National Bank Study Center (2014, 2016)

Master in Quantum Physics at ETH Zurich (2010 - 2012)

Bachelor in Science at UCBL (2008 - 2010)

Bachelor in Science at Wuhan University (2006 - 2008)​

Selected Publication

Teaching & Projects Supervision

A passion for exploring the unknowns with curious minds

Data Science Pipeline For Academic Research & Web 3.0 Education (ICP grants), 2023-2024

Staking Mechanism Design: Ethereum 2.0 for Good (Ethereum consensus grants), 2022-2023

Ethereum Merge Meetup (advising Zesen Zhuang, Xinyu Tian and Tianyu Wu, Steering Committee), Ethereum Foundation, 2022

Decentralized Finance (advising Dylan Paul, Oum Lahade, Malika Rawal, and Rhys Banerjee with Profs. Luyao Zhang, Fan Zhang, Kartik Nayak), Duke CS+ Summer Program, Department of Computer Science, Duke University, Jun. - Aug. 2021

Algorithmic Stablecoin on the Internet Computer (advising Oli Chen and Gina Joerger with Profs. Olivier Marin and Luyao Zhang), NYU Shanghai, Spring 2021

Decentralized Monetary Policy (invited guest lecture), Duke University, Kunshan Campus, 2021 

Financial Technology, Cryptocurrency and AI (joint lectures), RMDS Lab, Summer 2020

Money, Blockchain and Decentralized Finance, Asia Europe Business School, ECNU, Spring 2020

Economics of Growth, Cycles and Policy (Master and PhD core course), ETH Zurich, Spring 2018

Economics of Growth, Cycles and Policy (Master and PhD core course), ETH Zurich, Spring 2016

Economics of Growth, Cycles and Policy (Master and PhD core course), ETH Zurich, Spring 2015

Economics of Innovation and Growth (Master and PhD elective course), ETH Zurich, Fall 2014

Invited Talks & Conferences

The Inaugural workshop on Tech for Good: Economic and Computational Advances in Distributed Systems (Tech4Good), July 16, 2024, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA (program committee)

Swiss Blockchain Capital Day, Macroeconomics and Cryptoeconomics : 7 Forecasts, October 5, 2023, Zurich, Switzerland (keynote speaker)

Lugano NFT Fest, NFTs and Metaverses for Museum and Luxury Brands, September. 9, 2023 (panelist)

Nordic Blockchain Conference, The Metaverse Hype Curve and the Road to Web 4.0: Blockchain's role, September. 7, 2023 (panelist)

NFT Biarritz, What do NFTs bring to gaming and the metaverse, August. 21, 2023 (panelist)

Swiss Blockchain Finance Day, Tokenization Panel, June. 6, 2023 (moderator)

Swiss Blockchain Finance Day, Expert Speech by Dr. Yulin Liu on Tokenization, June. 6, 2023 (speaker) 

Binance, Fireside chat on tokenization and metaverse, May.10, 2023 (invited interviewee)

NFT Tallinn, Unlocking the true potential of metaverses, May. 9, 2023 (panelist)

Duke CS+ & SciEcon Symposium “Decentralized Finance: Cryptocurrency and Blockchain on the Internet Computer,” Aug. 5, 2021 (panelist)
Algorithmic Monetary Policy, Econ 204: Intermediate Macroeconomics by Prof. Luyao Zhang, Duke Kunshan University, Dec. 10, 2020 (invited guest speaker)
WEAI 95th Annual Conference, Denver, U.S.A, Jun. 26–30, 2020 (online presentation)
11th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation, 2018 (presenter)
4th RES Symposium of Junior Researchers, Royal Economic Society, 2018 (presenter)
1st RCEA Warsaw Money-Macro-Finance Conference, 2018 (presenter)
China International Conference in Macroeconomics, Tsinghua University, 2018 (presenter)
The Rimini Conference in Economics and Finance 2018 (chair, presenter and discussant)
Research Seminars, Bank of Finland, 2017 (invited talk)
Fed St.Louis-JEDC-SCG-SNB-UniBern Conference, Swiss National Bank, 2017 (participant)
Workshop “Monetary Policy in Non-standard Times”, European Central Bank, 2017 (participant)
Annual Congress, European Economic Association, 2017 (presenter)
Annual Congress, German Economic Association, 2017 (presenter)
Journal of Monetary Economics and Swiss National Bank Conference, 2016 (participant)
9th Swiss Winter Conference on Financial Intermediation, 2016 (presenter)
Annual Congress, European Economic Association, 2016 (presenter)
Annual Congress, German Economic Association, 2016 (presenter)
Annual Congress, Swiss Society of Economics and Statistics, 2016 (presenter)

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